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Does my website need to be accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes!  There is a legal risk for not being accessible and it is the right thing to do.  There are also studies that prove that supporting accessibility efforts in your business or organization can significantly help you grow.

What does the Accessibility Tool do?

The Accessibility Tool is a website plug-in that can easily be added to existing websites to make them more compatible with the assistive technologies used by individuals with disabilities. The accessibility tool does not require any changes to your website and will increase compliance with the current federal guidelines (WCAG 2.0, ATAG 2.0, the ADA and Section 508 requirements) related to online accessibility.

Does the Accessibility Tool work with 3rd party apps connected to my website?

No, the Accessibility Tool is not able to influence the accessibility of 3rd party apps such as appointment schedulers, social media, email plugins, etc,

Is there a difference between the desktop version and the mobile phone version of the Accessibility Tool?

Yes.  Each version of the Accessibility Tool is designed for specific case scenarios based upon how a user engages with the website.

I received a letter saying my website is not accessible, what do I do?

Don’t worry, we are here to help!   Please send an email to tool and we will be in touch to guide you through this process

I have a suggestion about a new feature for the Accessibility Tool, would you consider adding it?

Absolutely!  We are constantly trying to improve the tool to help business owners be as accessible as possible.  We have a multitude of new features that are currently being developed and we are always searching for more.  Please understand that due to functionality, great ideas are not always able to be integrated into the tool but we encourage you to share them with us.

How can I cancel my subscription to the Accessibility Tool?

We are sorry to see you go!   Please review our Cancellation Policy to see how to cancel your account.

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